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Corporate Advertising

Corporate Advertising Options These days with so many Thailand property and condo related websites to choose from, deciding the most suitable site(s) for your company's Corporate Advertising Campaigns is no longer a simple choice of best price - or even web traffic.

Effective condominium advertising should be truly "targeted" meaning it really reaches the very people you want it to reach!

At we do not pretend to be everything to everyone, but instead our focus is clearly to the international or "English Speaking" condo market (which includes both Thais and many foreigners of course) as the Thai language market is already well covered.

By its very nature, a "condominium" can be owned by both Thais & Foreigners.

In fact condominiums are essentially the only property a foreigner may legally 100% own - and own up to 49% of all units (in any one condo building/juristic), so it is clear that at you already have the perfect "captive audience" if your company is looking to specifically target those 49% of your project's units (that can be sold) to foreigners.

We are currently offering BANNER ADVERTISING and also FULL PAGE ADVERTISING themed packages, for you to help reach this very specific target market.


Themed Package:

This is the same as having your very own professionally designed custom mini-site or webpage within the site.

Within reason (and as long as it fits within the page template size), you are free to promote as much (or as little) content material as you want on your page... so you can include ALL of your past and existing condo projects, or target a specific new one... or have a generic style page, that simply sends visitors (potential condo customers) directly to your main company website or promotional site.

As a minimum, the theme package always includes:

- company introduction (text and photos)
- company logo and full contact details
- link to you own website(s)
- enhanced logo on every property page
- and all of your condo projects listed on one page (including all past, existing AND new projects)

Full Page Advertising at

To request a quotation for FULL PAGE ADVERTISING at click here


Unlike (some Thai language) and many other Thailand property and condo related websites, we do NOT believe it makes any sense (from both a visual and users experience) to cover an entire website in 100's of tacky Banners Ads and Google Ads - all competing with each other, and all making so much "noise" they just annoy and actually detract from their very purpose.

Our thinking is more in terms of targeted QUALITY, rather than shear QUANTITY.

In other words we do not believe in "tricking" people into clicking on multiple Banner Ads (or Google Ads), when there is 0.001% of any serious interest ever being generated from such forced and obvious erroneous clicking.

Instead we have decided an honest "old school" approach to advert placement is always best - with banners only allowed on pages and positions where clicks are likely to be turned into possible leads or actual condo sales for you.

Therefore, we currently only have THREE fixed on-page banner positions and TWO allowed banner advert sizes, as follows:

BANNER SIZES - 468x60 & 200x60 & logo up to 100x79



Banner Adverts at

1. 468x60 LARGE BANNER (Top Left)
2. 200x60 MEDIUM BANNER (Middle Left)
3. 79x79 *ENHANCED COLOUR LOGO (Top Middle in fixed "Condo Developer" position)

* NOTE: your company logo becomes clickable to either your own FULL PAGE Themed page or as an external link directed to your company's main website or promotional website. (for non-advertisers the condo developer logo image will remain un-clickable and greyed-out)


All Banners Permitted on:

- all of your Condo Buildings or new Project Pages (only allowed on your own condo buildings or project pages)
- a specific Condo Buildings or new Project Page (only allowed on your own condo building or project page)

Large Banner also permitted on:

- Condos for Sale page
- Condos for Rent page

- Condos by District (choice of 50 pages)
- Condos by A to Z (choice of over 600 pages)

To request a quotation for BANNER ADVERTISING at click here

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